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Golden Sands Premium Card 2023

Get your personal PREMIUM DISCOUNT CARD today to take advantage of free entrances to attractive nightclubs, discounts in restaurants and bars and also casino, shops, shows and local transport in Golden Sands, Bulgaria.

Your  card will be valid for a week (from the first time you use it) and costs only 69 BGN (35 Euro). This means the more places you visit and the more fun you have, the more money you save. For example the entrance fees to all clubs in season 2023 with this card they are FREE.

Save up to 300 EURO. With Golden Sands Premium Card you have:

  • 7 days valid (from the first time you use it)
  • NO entrance fee in the best night clubs in Golden Sands (PR Club, Partystadl, Arroganz)
  • 20% Discount in PR Beach Bar, Megapark Dolphin, Partystadl, PR Pizza and in more than 20 locations in Golden Sands

With your PREMIUM Card, you can save up to seven times of its cost with ease!


Price: 70.00 BGN [1EUR = 1.94BGN Approx.]