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The description here is easy - this is THE CLUB of Golden Sands. PR Club is the pearl of the night clubs and shines with all its glamour every night. The club will overwhelm you with its atmosphere and killing sound. This is the largest night club in the resort with a capacity of 3,000 people. The ...
Megapark Dolphin is located at the heart of the party in Golden Sands. You will easily find it - just follow the crowd! Megapark Dolphin is the largest party facility in Golden Sands. It is located at 100 m from International Hotel, right in front of Gladiola. It contains 2 bars, a swimming pool ...
Partystadl Goldstrand is the largest German audience club in Golden Sands. It is located at the centre of Golden Sands, next to Dolphin Megapark. You can never miss it, even when you walk along the central alley or on the beach. One end of it is near the party street of Golden Sands and the other is ...
The name of this sunny place speaks for itself – it is located next to the PR Club, on the very beach and attracts everyone who wants to experience an unforgettable party on the beach in the centre of Golden Sands. All dressed in white, the PR Beach offers a unique beach atmosphere, quality ...
Vanity Beach Bar is just what you are looking for – the pre-party beach bar of Golden Sands. Located right on the beach, in the southern end of the party street, just opposite Marina Grand Beach Hotel, the bar will immerse you in the atmosphere of a Caribbean island – chill-out areas, ...
You will finde Den Glade Viking in the middle of Golden Sands, on the 2. Line, in Party Hotel Golden Sands.