What Johnny Däpp means for Hollywood, that he is in the party scene! Simply indispensable ...

For a good decade, he has been entertaining the big stages of the party beating world as a presenter and starter. Whether in the stadium in front of 60,000 party people or in front of the TV camera - Lorenz Büffel convinces with his incredible linguistic talent and his unbelievable positive energy.

Therefore, it was only logical that Lorenz takes the next step and not only the stars of the scene anmoderiert, but even picks up the vocal microphone and disassembled the stage!



All summer Lorenz is in the party beach Goldstrand, Bulgaria.

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29 Jun 2020 Monday
Lorenz Büffel live at Partystadl Goldstrand 2020
Golden Sands, Bulgaria
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49 BGN

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