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"Wie heisst die Muter von Niki Laudaaaa..... MAMA LAUDAAAA, MAMA LAUDAAAA!"

All summer long Live in Partystadl Goldstrand, Bulgaria!

He is called the "Prince of the Megapark", the "darling of the bitch" or the "father of Pippi Longstocking". We are talking about Almklausi, who, in addition to Mickie Krause, DJ Ötzi and Jürgen Drews, is up to mischief in the European party strongholds.

The party prince first conquered the German single charts for several weeks with the German response to the White Stripes, the street tune "Lo lo los los's oh oh oh" (EMI) and literally shot the bird off. Since then it has been jumping, jumping, bawling and celebrating until the roof flies away. Party is totally announced at Almklausi's performances.

*2 Hours FREE Bar from 23:00 to 24:00h and from 01:00 to 02:00h.

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19 Jun 2023 Monday
Almklausi LIVE in Partystadl
Golden Sands
VIP Entrance fee + 2 Hour FREE BAR
59.00 BGN