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General terms and conditions

These General Terms and Conditions define the relations between

Vienna Trend Events LLC

9705 W 34TH LANE HIALEAH, FL 33018


and the users of the platform www.golden-sands-tickets.com, who use the platform for reservation and purchase of event tickets.

The terms and phrases used in these General Terms and Condition shall have the following meaning:

  • "Platform" shall mean the software system of electronic modules for booking, purchase and payment of tickets by users, named "Golden Sands Tickets", which enables the user to search, select, book, pay and receive tickets for various events, organized by third parties.

  • "Seller" shall mean

    Vienna Trend Events LLC

    9705 W 34TH LANE HIALEAH, FL 33018

    , in its capacity of a trade representative.

  • "User" or "You" shall mean each natural person, which uses the Platform and/or this website.

  • "Organizer" shall mean an entity, which has undertaken to prepare and organize various public and cultural events – concerts, theatre performances, parties, sports activities and other public events at their own or at another venue (hall, stadium, theatre, etc.).

  • "Contract", "General Terms and Conditions" shall mean all conditions, which the user accepts and agrees with, in order to use the website www.golden-sands- tickets.com.

  • This Contract constitutes an agreement between the users of the Platform and the website www.golden-sands-tickets.com and

    Vienna Trend Events LLC

    9705 W 34TH LANE HIALEAH, FL 33018


    - owner and manager of www.golden-sands-tickets.com.

    By purchasing a ticket, the ticket holder agrees with these Terms and Conditions, the instructions of the Organizer and the commercial conditions for use of Golden Sands Tickets Platform.


            1. USE OF THE PLATFORM

1.1. Choose an event by using the search form (date, place and specific event) or by using the offers grouped in the categories: EVENTS, LOCATION, SALES or MOST POPULAR EVENTS.

1.2. In the relevant field enter the number of tickets, which you want to buy. 

1.3. Click BUY to transfer the selected tickets to the user's Basket.

1.4. After you have completed the selection of tickets, click CHECKOUT in the Basket to start the payment process for the selected tickets.

1.5. Enter your details in the respective fields and choose a payment method. 

1.6. The Platform accepts the following payment methods:

 - MasterCard / Maestro / Visa / Visa Electron cards (Credit and Debit)

 - MasterCard / Maestro / Visa / Visa Electron cards, issued by foreign banks (Credit and Debit)

1.7. After the payment is confirmed you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a file attached containing the tickets paid by you. Please print the tickets received and upon request, present them at the entrance of the event venue.



2.1. The Seller is obliged:

  • To provide and deliver to the email specified by the User the selected and purchased tickets in a printable format.
  • To provide and deliver the purchased tickets via the above described method not later than 24 hours after the purchase is made.
  • In case that the Seller fails to comply with the above described delivery conditions, the Seller shall reimburse to the User the full amount paid for the purchased tickets, after confirmation of the payment made by the User.
  • To announce on the website www.golden-sands-tickets.com information provided by the Organizers about changes related to specific events.

2.2. The User is obliged:

  • To pay the specified price for the ordered tickets. The User shall not have the right to make payments with credit cards that are counterfeit or belong to another person, without the consent of the credit card owner, as well as to perform any other actions which could mislead Golden Sands Tickets that the User has paid for the booked tickets. If such actions are ascertained or in case of suspected actions against the current laws and regulations, Golden Sands Tickets will immediately approach the competent authorities and will undertake the relevant legal proceedings.
  • To enter the correct and full personal details. The User shall not have the right to book ticket(s) under a false name and bears full responsibility for the data entered by him/her on the website and/or in the Platform.

  • To print and upon request to present the purchased tickets. The printed tickets shall be presented for verification to the persons at the entrance of the respective event venue. The printed tickets are property of the holder and cannot be used more than one time and by more than one person.



    3.1.  The Seller shall reimburse to the User the full amount paid for the purchased tickets, if the User has not received the purchased tickets at the email specified by him/her within a term of 24 hours after the payment is made. The amount shall be reimbursed after confirmation that the payment is made by the User.

    3.2.  In case that a ticket purchased by the User cannot be used due to change/cancellation of the event, the User may receive the paid amount only from the Organizer, in accordance with the specific conditions under which it is possible to consider the respective reimbursement request. "Golden Sands Tickets" LTD, in its capacity of a trade representative, acting on behalf of and to the account of the Organizer, shall not be liable for reimbursement of the whole or part of the price, and shall not be liable for any damages, which have been or would have been incurred by the User.

    3.3.  In case that it is possible to reimburse the whole or part of the amount paid by the User, Vienna Trend Events LLC may make this reimbursement on behalf of and on the account of the Organizer, only after the respective amount has been provided by the Organiser for that purpose. The procedure and method of reimbursement shall be announced on the website www.golden-sands-tickets.com or by other suitable means.

    3.4.  All fees and taxes that the User is charged for using of the Platform, on the payments made for the purchased tickets, as well as the remuneration paid for the respective service are not refundable, except in the cases when the reason that the ticket cannot be used is entirely by default of Vienna Trend Events LLC.

    3.5.  A purchased ticket cannot be returned.

    3.6.  A purchased ticket may be replaced only by the Organizer, when that is possible. The Seller is not responsible and liable for the replacement of a purchased ticket.

    3.7.  The modification, forgery or copying of tickets constitutes a crime.



4.1. The User agrees to provide personal data to the Seller in relation to the provided services. The User agrees that they may be stored and processed in the Platform data base of Golden Sands Tickets.

4.2. The User agrees that Vienna Trend Events LLC may provide his/her personal data to the Organizer of the respective event, for which the User has purchased a ticket.

4.3. When using the Platform the User shall enter the personal data necessary for the successful booking and purchase of a ticket. The information entered includes first and last name, e-mail address and phone number. By using the Platform the User agrees that his/her personal data may be processed and stored.

4.4. The personal data provided is fully protected and will be used for the purpose of providing quality and accurate service to the User. Without the personal data of Users, the Platform, the booking system and the payment system cannot be used for selling tickets.

4.5. Vienna Trend Events LLC is a personal data administrator within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act of Republic of Bulgaria, and will process the personal data of Users for the purpose of performing its obligations related to the tickets ordered by the User. The data will be processed and stored on paper or in electronic format. In its capacity of a personal data administrator Vienna Trend Events is obliged to ensure the necessary technical and organizational measures for protection of the data against theft, loss or modification.

4.6. Vienna Trend Events shall not disclose the personal data of the User to third parties. This data and access the reto may be provided only in the cases when Golden Sands Tickets is obliged by law to provide the data to the relevant government authorities and organizations, or the data is duly required by such authorities following the respective legal procedure. Vienna Trend Events is not liable when the User himself/herself has disclosed or has facilitated the public disclosure of his/her personal data by third parties.

4.7. The Seller shall have the right to inform the Users of the Platform for all new services, events, discounts and price lists, promotions and advertising campaigns offered on the website. This information shall be considered as commercial information ordered by the User. The User may at any time opt out of receiving commercial information by sending an e- mail message to the Seller's official e-mail address: office@golden-sands- tickets.com

4.8. Vienna Trend Events use your e-mail address for the ordering process and for the newsletter program. In case you want a cancel the newsletter programm, please write us an e-mail at: office@golden-sands-tickets.com.

4.9. We, Vienna Trend Events LLC, are responsible within the meaning of the GDPR for the processing of your personal data.

Vienna Trend Events LLC

9705 W 34TH LANE HIALEAH, FL 33018


Your personal data will be saved in our system for no longer than 3 years. If you want all your data to be deleted, please write us an e-mail at: office@golden-sands-tickets.com



5.1. All intellectual property rights on the Platform, the right of use, the software products, documents and other materials contained in this website are property of Vienna Trend Events LLC. The user, individually or through third parties, shall not have the right to modify, improve, copy, reproduce, adapt, hide, take apart, translate, reassign, and license the internet booking system or any other part of the website contents www.golden-sands-tickets.com.

5.2. The User shall not acquire any intellectual property rights and his/her obligations shall remain valid also after he/she stops using this website.



All relations that are not settled by these General Terms and Conditions shall be regulated by the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria. All disputes shall be resolved in an amicable manner, by negotiations between the parties, and if that proves impossible, all complains shall be send to the bulgarian court.

Users have access to out-of-court dispute resolution procedures with the assistance of indepentant dispute resolution bodies. General conciliation committees have jurisdiction in disputes related to online ticket purchases.